Collaborative research – your partnership with the inHaus-Center

As a research and development center we cover a great range of topics, projects and fields of interest in cooperation with the other Fraunhofer Institutes involved. If we want to develop and achieve lasting results, we are most likely to succeed working in a long partnership.

© Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center/krischerfotografie
© Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center/krischerfotografie

» Big thoughts don’t just need wings, they also need a landing gear.«

The phrase the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, once said, also applies here! Many great ideas for new products, system solutions or services fail at different stations during the innovation process. The list of reasons is long and diverse: lack of involvement of end users, too distinctive technological orientation, reserved willingness to cooperate, seemingly insurmountable technical problems, high risks or insufficient financing.

Using application-oriented research, development and demonstration laboratories as well as intensive cooperation in an efficient partner network, the Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center provides a portfolio of services and facilities for an optimized and secure innovation process. To remain at the quote – we don’t just ensure working wings with our our application laboratories and the principle of open innovation, we also provide for a secure landing.

The efficient partner network preserves for enough driving force for the successful upwind. This interaction displays the core idea of an inHaus-Center partnership.

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Ascom Deutschland GmbH

Network-based, modular and scalable information and communication solutions – bidirectional and interactive – lead to a long-term optimization of security and clinic specific processes. Ascom shows: the mobile phone Ascom d62 which is based on IP DECT technology and has alerting and localization functionalities and the call light system telecare IP including double-sided hall display.



Avaya is the partner for digital transformation. Its communication solutions, services and devices are suitable for companies of all sizes. With open, convergent and innovative solutions, customers' communication is brought up to date - in the cloud, on site or as a hybrid model.

Bellman & Symfon

For over 32 years, Bellman & Symfon has been developing tools that enable people with impaired hearing and deaf people to lead independent living. In particular, the traffic light system Visit is frequently used in the care sector and impresses with its simple commissioning and maximum flexibility.

CERABRAN® Systembaustoffe – PROCERAM GmbH & Co. KG

The PROCERAM Group is a producer and system manufacturer of functional building paints, primers, innovative thermal insulation and fire protection systems.

De BeleefTV

De BeleefTV is a Dutch company that has developed a multifunctional digital table. It offers various possibilities, such as interactive games, mobility, flexibility and can be used as a TV. Especially for people suffering from dementia, the aim is to improve sociability and joy in, for example, nursing homes.

digitalSTROM AG

digitalSTROM AG offers with digital STROM a Smart Home technology for every home which has received multiple awards. digitalSTROM developed in 2004 out of an idea to connect electrical devices in an cost-efficient and ergonomic way and give them individual intelligence.


dormakaba Gruppe

dormakaba makes access to life smart and safe. As one of the top 3 companies in the sector, dormakaba is the trustworthy partner for products, solutions and services for access to buildings and rooms from a single source. The company was founded in 2016 through the merger of Dorma and Kaba and is represented in over 130 countries worldwide with 16,000 employees and numerous cooperation partners.

ichó systems GmbH

ichó systems GmbH was selected one of the most innovative startups in Europe working on solutions for people suffering from dementia and dealing with the core topic of Connected Healthcare. The three founders and their team are developing an interactive therapy ball that can glow, speak and vibrate.



KEMAS is a specialist in the area of intelligent organization, distribution and RFID-based tracking of resources, for example keys, ID cards, work equipment, textiles, drugs, documents and weapons. KEMAS allows for the efficient display and implementation of customer-specific process and security requirements in management and administration of these resources.


LIGHTS 4 Europe GmbH & Co. KG

Since 2008 LIGHTS 4 Europe specializes in industrial sites, production halls, open spaces, industrial plants and clean rooms. Working with our own research and development department, we always keep up with the times and adapt our products to new market conditions. Special solutions are a challenge that we accept with excitement and ambition.


LightLife Gesellschaft für audiovisuelle Erlebnisse mbH

The LightLife Gesellschaft für audiovisuelle Erlebnisse mbH is a specialized service provider for special media solutions in the areas of art and architecture. Our core competency lies in media design as well the control technology. Our illumination and lighting designers are in demand for many different kinds of permanent installations and construction proejcts.


Qwiek GmbH

Qwiek GmbH is a young company that develops care innovations. The products serve experience-oriented care, so that for example the well-being of people suffering from dementia is increased. Through close cooperation with care facilities, customer surveys and scientific work, the products are constantly optimized.

Schulte-Schlagbaum AG

The Schulte-Schlagbaum Group, founded in 1833, focuses its production and service provision activities on highly developed components, systems and solutions for the locking and organisation of buildings.

Their strengths lie in perfectly complementing intelligent locking and access technology with complex software solutions for professional guest management.

Smart City Duisburg

In order to position Duisburg as an attractive, intelligent and networked city, the Smart City Duisburg team supports open innovation, which means that citizens are encouraged to contribute their own ideas to the innovation process.


Sonepar Germany distributes electrical products from leading national and international suppliers to customers from craft, trade and industry. High-quality products and systems of the suppliers are combined with services and technical expertise. As a market leader, they also have many contacts and possibilities in the Smart Home sector.

Stella Vitalis

With its young management team, Schapira family operates the Stella Vitalis and Casa Mia brands in the field of services for elderly care. The company is responsible for a total of 22 outpatient and inpatient facilities. In addition to modern equipment, the companies are characterized above all by their dynamic innovative strength. The agility and the will to install a difference in care make you the ideal sales and development partner.


Telemedizinzentrum Aachen / telemed AC

Telematics in intensive care (TIM) is the first gender equal telemedical project in intensive care in Germany and therefore has great potential to contribute significantly to the high tech cluster telemedicine in North Rhine-Westphalia.


UNIPOR-Ziegel Marketing GmbH

UNIPOR is one of the leading brick companies in Europe. The pursuit of innovation and the highest quality is the main principle under which the brick companies of the UNIPOR alliance work together. The new UNIPOR bricks with CORISO technology are filled with mineral granules and mark a revolution in the brick industry.