Business Units

Researching, testing and demonstrating

The Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center works together with manufacturers, service providers, users and Fraunhofer Institutes to develop new system solutions for the business units Working, Building and Building Systems, Energy and Building Technology, Hotel, Resources and Living. As a creative think tank the Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center combines the potentials of science and economy with the goal of developing novel room concepts, innovative building materials, intelligent building technology and electronic assistance systems to enter new markets.




Modern and comfortable, energy-saving and easy to operate – the demands that we make of our living environment are manifold and change constantly. The inHaus-Center offers a professional environment for the development of new technology ...

Energy and Building Technology

In view of the global changes affecting energy use in buildings, it will continue to be a challenge to meet energy requirements and operate buildings in an optimized ...



The cooperation with the inHaus-Center can be primarily defined as joint research and development activities of Fraunhofer Institutes and inHaus-partner companies

Health & Care

Healthcare and social services are facing diverse challenges: Demographic changes include a continuous increase in the average life expectancy, a constantly low birth rate and an advancing singularization of society...