Innovations for buildings

© R. Dinkelbach

The Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center in Duisburg, Germany, is an innovation workshop that is unique in Europe. It carries out application-oriented and close-to-the-market research in the field of intelligent room and building systems. The inHaus-Center bundles the potential from several Fraunhofer Institutes and more than 100 business partners for the cooperative development, testing and implementation of innovative solutions in technology, products and systems for residential and commercial building applications.

Taking good ideas and making a success of them together – that’s how we understand innovation. Through the Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft combines the potential from several Fraunhofer Institutes and around 100 partners from industry. We work together to develop, test and demonstrate new solutions for rooms and buildings, and bring them to market. Examples of inHaus activities range from improving energy efficiency through the use of new materials and automated building services to optimizing the design of office space and hotel rooms, and increasing security and assistance for people in care. Our connection to the marketplace comes in the form of the jointly planned and operated application labs in our two pilot buildings, inHaus1 (for the residential sector) and inHaus2 (for the commercial sector). In addition, we offer consulting services, events, and training and development seminars.

In contrast to the Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center the inHaus GmbH is a private company for practical solutions in the field of smart home and age-appropriate assistance systems


At the inHaus-Center, research and development focuses on:


  • Building & planning with support from IT
  • Energy transparency & energy efficiency
  • Logistics and operating processes
  • Interaction between people and technology
  • Multifunctional component building systems
  • Sustainable construction
  • Performance-oriented rooms
  • Security and safety
  • Electronic systems for assisted living