inHaus employee wins third Place at the Female Health Hackathon

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© Romina Möllmann
Team “Juliet“ at “hacking female health“ in Berlin. From right to left: Paras Mehta (Motionlogic GmbH), Mentor Rupak Bardhan Roy (Fraunhofer IPMS), Romina Möllmann (Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center), Bin Zhang (Smart Reporting GmbH). Part of the Team, but not in the Picture: Gina Genseler (eHealth Venture GmbH)

The aim of the Hackathons “hacking female health” in Berlin was to put the individual needs of patients first, develop specific solution approachestogether and use the potential of existing Fraunhofer-technologies. Romina Möllmann, PhD student at the Fraunhofer inHaus  -Center also participated and this with great success.

Romina Möllmann conducts research work at the Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center in Duisburg concerning Connected Healthcare on the subject incontinence. “A lot of people with incontinence stay at home most of the time, I want to help them lead a normal life” explains Romina Möllman the motivation of her work. Suiting that topic, she now participated at the Hackathon “hacking female health” in Berlin. As a part of an interdisciplinary team, she developed ‘Juliet’ a gadget for women who suffer from incontinence. “’Juliet’ is a portable ultrasound-bladder screening device to predict the next necessary time get to a toilet” explains Romina Möllman. “This is how women, who would be mobile without their incontinence, can dare to go out again without worrying. She and her team worked late nights on their development and it surely paid off: The jury of the Hackathon honored the idea with the third place.


At the idea and innovation contest, organized by Fraunhofer Venture and Hacking Health, 14 teams developed specific solution approaches for urgent female health problems in only two days. Mentors from different fields of business, such as technology, medicine, design and economics, supported the teams. Furthermore, they had access to existing Fraunhofer technology as recourses – such as the C-MUT from Fraunhofer IPMS or the ELKO from Fraunhofer FOKUS. The newly developed solution ideas from the Hackathon will now serve as a foundation for a concrete implementation. More information about Hacking female health and all the developed ideas can be found here.


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