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Using potential: Resources flow into processes, products and services relating to building construction and the use of buildings. A sustainable use of resources – finite or infinite – is very important. At our inHaus-Center we research and develop appropriate innovations, instruments and strategies for that.

As a cross-sectional competence we optimize in economical, ecological, technical and infrastructural criteria. We connect modern management tools with the knowledge of resources and technologies. Together with our partners we evaluate the contributions of products, processes, services and business locations to a sustainable development in the context of building construction and the use of buildings.

The important tools are Life Cycle Assessment, Carbon Footprints, sustainability management and strategic development. The results are decision-making aids for product development and information about resources.  

What we understand by the provision of resource-efficiently products, processes and energy supply systems is an interdisciplinary cooperation. We have made it to our business to make products better and future-oriented. For that we use approaches in bionics and assess them according to criteria of sustainability. In this context, design is cut surface and integration even for scientific disciplines. 

Our approach transfers new scientific knowledge and criteria of sustainability into processes, products and services, which are safe for the future. We analyze into detail the effects of products, materials and technologies with the help of the interaction surfaces human-building-environment. We test and optimize energy efficient and economical energy systems. One of the focal points is the integration of renewable energies into existing structures. Against this background, the institutes develop and demonstrate new solutions together with producers, service providers and users.